Jeff’s 3 Favorite Things – June, 2019

Jeff Wilson's Top 3

Hand Crafted Wooden Tubs 

I saw this image and my jaw just hit the floor. I LOVE these deep soaking tubs, perhaps because they remind me of the brightwork on the wooden sailboats I was so fond of as a child, and still am! The designs and finishes from this Seattle-based company are exquisite, merging fine art and function in the most personal of spaces. In a world where people look for something unique to make their homes stand out, this would be at the top of my list. I’m thinking about redoing our own bathroom and you can bet, if there’s room, I’ll have one of these myself!
Sound Hound 

Do you ever hear a song and wonder, “who is this?” Or perhaps it triggers some cherished or forgotten memory from long ago? Well, I’m about to help you ramp up your music game with SoundHound. With one tap, this clever app allows your phone to listen to a song you like, no matter where it’s playing—on a radio, in a restaurant, a grocery store aisle, gym or club. The app then identifies the song and artist, and even lets you buy it on iTunes. It’s super cool and lets you capture those fleeting moments before they go in one ear and out the other. Music in all its many shapes and forms has literally formed the backdrop to my entire life. I hope you find this helpful as you hold onto more of your own musical legacy. Check out SoundHound here.

I recently had the pleasure of taking Dan and our girls to Vancouver for Sotheby’s Global Networking Event. What an AMAZING city it is. I was thrilled to explore it with both my Sotheby’s colleagues as well as my family. I came back enthralled with this beautiful seaport city that is so rich in culture, so vibrant and diverse. Among the many highlights were the Royal Canadian Circus (animal free and wonderful!!), Stanley Park which is surrounded by water, sushi at Miku (every Sotheby’s agent also found this place, shocker) and a thrilling ride in a seaplane that took off right in Vancouver Harbour. As it so happened, our pilot was a woman with a long blonde braid, a fact not lost on our little girls, three blondes with braids! The trip was perfect, magical and absolutely impossible to describe in a paragraph. The fam and I were smitten, and hope to get back again soon! .
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