Jeff’s 3 Favorite Things – March 2018


This British based shoe company is spot on with elegant and comfortable loafers and boots for men. I love that you can buy from their stylish color combinations or you can create your own in their bespoke program. My favorite pair is British blue with red trim that I had made for the Holidays. Very fancy. I’m also thinking about a camo pair. Am I cool enough for those? Don’t answer that! Check them out HERE

I haven’t watched TV in over a year, until now, and all I can say is WOW! This story follows a family in two separate time lines starting from one remarkable moment in a hospital in the 70s and bounces back and forth to modern day. It explores being a parent, sibling, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, spouse, literally every role in life. It’s so powerful and beautifully done – I laugh, I cry, I binge watch and am now anxiously awaiting season 3. From a non-TV fan, this one is worth it. I can honestly say it’s made me a better person. More on This Is Us HERE 

If I could lick the screen right now I would. It’s a good thing Sprinkles is closed now! The bad news is that there is a store right around the corner from my office. I bring them as hostess gifts, thank yous, party favors, you name it, they fit the bill. To me they are the right blend of moist cake and sweet icing, all in perfect proportion. My favs are vanilla and the black and white. I have a “friend” who loves the red velvet and the double chocolate too. Check out Sprinkles HERE.
Let me know what you think. The good, the bad, the ugly, the sublime! Send me an email or give me a call anytime at 301-442-8533. 

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