Jeff’s 3 Favorite Things – September 2018

Pocket Squares

Let’s face it, men’s clothing is a bit of a yawn. And there’s not a lot we can do to spice things up without risk of crossing that invisible taste line. Then steps in the pocket square, what a relief! I’ve had fun with mine, usually deferring to solid colors, folded in weird ways, giving a little flourish without a lot of extra pattern. The goal is to make it look effortless, which is an utter and complete lie. The one above? Love it but it’s not mine, yet. And, if the style upgrade weren’t enough all on its own, a pocket square can give you endless hours of battle as you try to wrangle it into a cool shape, and keep it that way all day. If you don’t make the effort, look out, you’ll be wearing a fabric explosion on your suit, just exactly the effect you don’t want! So, go ahead, give it a whirl, send me an image of your best effort, and I guarantee I’ll steal it!
Matt Bellassai

This guy is an absolute hoot! I like my comedy irreverent, shocking, definitely over the line, and, well, Matt delivers JUST that! He rants about everything from texting to salad and the holidays, taking you on a wild ride as you barely recover from one joke and he ups the ante with the next. Hold on to your hats! The fact that he does it after chugging almost a whole bottle of wine makes it all the funnier. Please note that I’d call this PG-21, definitely not for kids. I found him when he started with “Whine About It,” he’s moved on to “To Be Honest” and his latest podcast “Unhappy Hour.” If you ever walk by my house at night and hear me screaming in laugher, you’ll know I’m watching Matt. Enjoy and be fairly warned! Watch his videos here 
Bose Soundsport Wireless

I have weirdly shaped ears. There, I said it. The Apple earbuds TOTALLY don’t work for me. I just can’t keep them in even just walking down the street. I end up shoving them in so hard that they stick out sideways and I look like an alien with white prongs growing out of my ears. Not cute. Thanks to Bose, however, I’m able to really rock my music, audio books and phone calls without having to hold my phone OR mess with a cord attached to it. So I consider that an upgrade from those horrible earbuds. Who’s cool now???? HUM??? The sound is incredible, as you’d expect from Bose, and the best news is that they stay in, even when I’m running. Mine are black and they now come in all kinds of cool colors. The cord is also handy so I don’t lose them like some of the smaller cordless ones now. Give them a try if you want to upgrade your earbud experience. I think you’ll be happy. Click here to take a look!
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