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I long resisted AirPods. The glossy, cordless commas sticking out of people’s ears just didn’t appeal to my semi old school sensibilities. Alas, I finally ditched the concept of cords and I’m pleasantly surprised. They stay in when I'm running, the sound is excellent, and you can even charge your iPhone while using them. Plus, they stop playing when you take one out and your phone screen monitors the charge. My one complaint is that I have to keep track of them – one of the major knocks when the product first came out (a little like missing sock syndrome). But that's about it! Once again, Apple, I’m a fan.
Twilight Polo 

This Saturday-evening event has become the favorite "look forward to" of our family's weekend activities. It's not fancy but more like a beach party in the country…with horses! The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and social. There are tons of kids running around and even a boys vs. girls tug of' war between the matches. As the chuckers roll on, the skill level goes up. By the end, it's a world-class romp with horses, mallets and riders flying around the ring with astounding skills and moves that seem to defy gravity. It's beyond exciting, and something I definitely want to do…one day!
Arnold Palmer Half and Half Iced Tea 

My favorite sweltering summer drink is the Arnold Palmer: half lemonade and half iced tea (preferably a bit heavier on the lemonade). Named for its golf legend creator, the beverage has become a symbol of summer refreshment itself. When you want something non-alcoholic with a small caffeine and sugar kick, it's the perfect choice. Spike it with vodka or bourbon and it becomes a John Daly, which is both news to me and kind of hilarious – an homage to the hard-charging mullet man. Don't forget to order either version next time you're out. Or better yet, make it at home!
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