Jeff’s 6 Favorite Things – Laugh Out Loud Edition

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I have a pretty twisted sense of humor, or at least I think I do. But you don’t need that to laugh ‘til you’re crying with Gabriel Iglesias. He’s super funny and I love his whole “Fluffy” persona and positive outlook on life. The youngest of six kids, Iglesias was raised by a single mom in Long Beach, California. He chased his comedy dream from biker bars to headlining sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, and he’s so real and transparent that you can’t help but love him. It’s a classic case of both heart and humor, and that always gets me. When you need a little pick me up, check him out here.  
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I first “met” GloZell when a friend showed me her Cinnamon Challenge. OH MY, OH MY!!! I’d seen the challenge done before, and the tension mounted as GloZell took out a ladle to be filled with cinnamon because I knew what was coming! Of course I wondered, “Does she know what she’s about to do to herself?!” Well, the fireworks and antics that ensued were epic! I laughed so hard I could barely breathe. She’s really made a name for herself and has gone more mainstream lately. I’m happy for her success as it’s certainly well deserved! Check out the Cinnamon Challenge here.  


This guy is totally inappropriate, and hysterically so. Taunting his wife (now ex) and children mercilessly and their reactions of annoyance, disgust, and downright avoidance is a riot. I also love how he basically yells at them, causing them to jump and scream, then follows them around filming them as they try to escape. Their comebacks, which are totally authentic, add another laughable level. Without a doubt worth a watch!  


Best known as a Daily Show correspondent, Desi is a stitch as she purposely steps in it time and time again due to her naiveté and her transparent personal desires. Her wine-infused interview about social distancing with Dr. Mike, AKA “The Hottest Doctor on the Planet,” done while her son walks behind her talking about needing to use the bathroom is downright hysterical. It takes a lot to set up an interview like this and she does it to great effect. Check out Desi Lydic here.


Sebastian has a great way of taking an everyday occurrence and twisting it into the funniest thing you’ve ever heard. His bit on the doorbell ringing and how his family reacts left me on the floor laughing. From that to his time at a gas station, quarantining, and dress codes at the airport are all beyond. He’s totally G-rated, which is also quite a feat in this day and age. I know he’ll at least make you smile if not laugh out loud. Enjoy a little Sebastian here.


This guy is an absolute hoot! I like my comedy irreverent, shocking, definitely over the line, and, well, Matt delivers JUST that! He rants about everything from texting, to salad and the holidays, taking you on a wild ride as you barely recover from one joke before he ups the ante with the next. Hold on to your hats! The fact that he does this whilst downing almost an entire bottle of wine makes it all the more amusing. Please note that I’d call this PGb21, definitely not for the kids. I discovered him when he started with “Whine About It,” and he’s since moved on to “To Be Honest” and his latest podcast, “Unhappy Hour.” If you ever walk by my house at night and hear me screaming in laughter, you’ll know I’m watching Matt. Enjoy and be fairly warned! Watch his videos here.
Let me know what you think. The good, the bad, the ugly, the sublime!

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